Friday, 31 July 2015

Greeting Card

Another greeting card, I am totally hooked onto them now a days. Left, right, center I am thinking of cards and end up making them. Also learning a lot of different process while making them. I am looking at so many blogs and learning so many new things.
One of such blog I came across is Damsel of Distressed Cards and I was so amazed with her blog.
I came across this mood board concept for the first time and I was game for it. So here's my take on the Becca's mood board challenge.
I have used dry brush strokes to color the paper then I have cut out circles of different size.

My son was also trying the same :)

Making some arrangements on the card

 After I pasted the circles, I used a homemade embossing paste to layout the dots on the other half of the paper. I created the stencil myself. I had a plastic sheet, not too hard not too soft. Punched out holes in it using a punching machine and my stencil was ready. I had plans to add few ornaments to it, but at last decided against it. Just ended the card with a handwritten message....

Becca's Mood Board

Sunday, 26 July 2015


There is a very interesting challenge on House Of Cards July Challenge: Food &/or Color Inspiration!
And here is my take on it.
I have cut the apples form the newspaper, colored it using sketch pen. Added some pearls and a flower.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Recycling CD

At home there are so many CDs lying around, thought to use it to make something. I was happy with the end product maybe I will add few more things with the CD in future.
Not adding too many detailed steps, photos will do the talking :) (Just being lazy :) :))

Will add the steps when I get time.