Friday, 18 December 2015

Colorful Birthday card!!!!!!

This card I started with no specific design in mind. I started with stamping the border clear stamp in different distress colors. Then I was in a fix what to do next, I loved the background but not able to decide what to do next. I kept the card and came back to it the next day.
I cut the dollies to quarter and pasted in opposite corners. Topped those with rose which was water colored using distress ink and sentiment.


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ColourQ challenge #321

 I was inspired by the colors

Pinterest Inspired challenge
I loved the pattern of this image

Penny Black and More Challenge   Anything goes with stamp

Monday, 14 December 2015

Sea project

Well my kid is having a science exhibition for which his topic is "Water Animals". This is what we made.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Birthday Card

A birthday card today from me. This one is very simple.The flowers are digi stamps fuzzy cut and hand painted and bordered the card with burlap.

Entering into following challenges:
1- Stamplorations: Case- I was inspired by the pattern from the Kim's card. I made the line horizontal instead of vertical.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

CD Cover Mini album

I was thinking of putting to use some spare CD covers I have at home. Then one day my friend wanted me to make a gift for him so that he could give to his sister newly married sister, so I decided I would make a mini album of the CD cover I had.

First made these quilled teddies. Went through all the tutorial and videos on internet and finally made them. Making teddies was the most time consuming for me this this project.

I had some beautiful textured papers which I collected over so many years from invitations, magazines and whatever I could get my hand on. So decided to finally make use of it. Picked two different papers and cut it into the size so that it fits into that CS cover. Then decorated those papers. Purposely did not add any 3D ornaments as I wanted those to fit in the cover and can be closed. In each sheet I kept some grooves so that photos or mementos can be tugged in.

Covered inner side of the CD cover with crepe paper added the sentiment "Life is Beautiful" and some decoration.
For the outer side of the CD cover was again covered with the paper and adorned with teddies and some quilled flowers

The edges I covered with some colored papers.

After I gave it to my friend he suggested me to make the sheets as wall hanging so that either they can display the photos or keep them in this album. So made the change and here is how it looks.
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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Falling for you ......

A quikie from me. Making last minute entry

The leaves are made of foam. Initially I thought I will keep the background blank but it was looking too plain so stamped the background and then added the leaves and sentiment.
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Stamploration theme and sketch
House of Cards

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Stand up, Be Strong......

There's an awareness campaign going on for domestic violence Hop To Stop and knowing the purpose I cannot stay behind to show the support.


I consider myself very fortunate that I never had to go through domestic violence but I also know others are not so fortunate. There are so many who are silently bearing it all. Standing from out we tend to judge the victims and simply say they should be strong and fight back but little so we realize how difficult it is for the victim to do it with their battered confidence and hope. But I strongly believe that the best way to end is that the person needs to Stand up and Be Strong to say.........No I will not take it any more. This would be possible only when, we, as a community show support to the victim that yes we stand behind them.

Here is my take on this theme.

Just a simple card with a message.


Thursday, 1 October 2015

Stich It Up!

Hey there....I am posting after quite some time. Have very busy days and hardly getting time to craft
:(. So writing a quicky post. Hope you like it :)

I had some leftover cotton cloth so cut out two flower share out of it. Stuffed some cotton in between and stitched the ends. Still it was too plain so added one flower and a broken button in the middle.

Some zoooooom of the flower!!

I mounted this on a card on a twig and wrote the sentiment. Done :). Simple and clean



Thoghts, Life, Express!!!!!!!!!

Another post for today

I have used an old diary and gave it a new look.
Applied a layer of homemade gesso and sprinkled rangoli powder on it. Those not from Indian subcontinent may not be aware of rangoli powder. They are colored powder which is used to make designs at the door steps during festivals or special occasions. There are different forms of design as well. I have many shades of rangoli powder so decided to use it for this project.

This is from WIP. I went for 2 layers of rangoli powder. It gave a beautiful texture, coarse and colorful. I usually mix some glitter powder to my rangoli so it has some sparkle as well

After it dried, I added a frame(from my broken hand mirror. I have another frame from the set will use in some other proj :)), handmade flowers and leaves (made from old magazine paper). Topped flower with some more glitter.

Added some hand written words, which I plan to do i.e. writing in the diary about me, my life, express my thoughts etc. finished off with a foam butterfly. I resisted my self adding glitter to butterfly :)
Some closer look on how the background has come up. You can see the particles of the rangoli powder.

The diary already had a holder strap, so how could I miss not decorating it. Added few pearls over the strap. So this is how it looks.

I am entering this into:
Lessology(It's reading time)--- I have reused the broken frame from hand mirror, flowers are made from old magazine.


Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Interactive Pen Holder

Since I have started blogging I have some favorite blog sites and one which prominently features in that is, Lessology. I am totally amazed at their work and the DT members. What makes them stand out for me is, their challenges are not typical, they have twists which makes you think out of the box. Not to forget their recycling rule for every challenge. I was desperate to participate in their last challenge but I missed :(. So this time making sure I take up their Zip-me-up challenge.

For this challenge I am recycling a box and making it a pen stand for my kid. I was sure I am not using zip as an embellishment, I wanted to use its movement mechanism.

First I created few painting on the paper which is an exact fir for the box. As you can see the paintings are simple, no complicated techniques just to depict certain places. I have used water color to paint it. I have used only different shades of blue to depict different time of the day.
Next stitched the zip at the bottom and added a character on top of it which can move over that zip.

Close-up on how I mounted that cute boy

You can see as you pull the zip it closes. The picture is not clear but half of the zip is closed and the forward is open

I asked my son to name that boy, he chose his best friend's name, Vihaan. So the story goes like this, on a Sunday Vihaan steps out of the house on his skate board, goes to the garden to play( added few more details while telling the story which my son likes to hear or does when he goes to garden and play :)).
After playing he is hungry so stops by his favorite shop to have candy, ice-cream and chocolate. It starts getting dark and then he moves back to his home to have good night sleep!!!

This was my short story and my son liked it :).
Planning to make some other story as well.

Do let me know your suggestions/comments on my project. It really helps to improve and grow .

Some close-up.

 I am entering this to following challenges: (box is recycled)



Thursday, 27 August 2015

Rock-a-bye baby

Past few weeks is really hectic, really struggling to get some time for crafts. But I was determined to make an entry in the Lulupu challenge. I had the specific idea in the mind for the challenge but unfortunately I had to rush through the craft.

So here it goes ......the cradle I have made from the ice cream sticks and the baby using quilling. I know I need to improve more my 3D quilling skills.

For the background I have used acrylic color and made colored circles using a bottle cap. As you must be able to make out the flowers are made using crepe paper and added few white ones as well.

The black and gold border is made of quilling strips.

While writing this I realize I should have taken few closer snaps of the cradle with the baby, but did not :(. Will update the photo maybe some other time.

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