Sunday, 13 August 2017

Blogger Recognition Award

Hi friends,
I am excited to share that I have been nominated by Sharada from Happy Momentzz for the Blog Recognition Award. Thank you Sharada!! She blogs about her crafting experiences and there are loads of inspirations. You should definitely check her blog!

When another blogger nominates you for this award, there are a few steps that you need to take to accept:
  • Thank the nominating blogger
  • Write a post about the award
  • Share a story of how and why you started your blog
  • Offer at least two pieces of advice for new bloggers
  • Pass on the nomination to another 15 bloggers
  • Respond to the nominating blogger with a link to this post on their blog
My story....

Now the story on how did I start my blog. Well I was always fascinated by craft and during school days I would draw and paint a lot, experiment with different things including crochet, cross stitch, glass painting, sand art etc. This was all thanks to my mother who herself is a very quick learner and her interests rubbed on to me. However somewhere down the line I lost touch as I got busy with education and job. Few years back I again started crafting on insistence of my friends I started this blog. I really feel it was one of the best things as I got to know so many lovely people and a whole universe of creativity.


Blogging is a serious business. There are times I do not post for weeks together due to lulls or any personal reasons but I realize what I miss when I do regular posts. I feel so happy, creative and I think it also helps to become a better person!
So I would definitely suggest to have regular posts. (Which I am trying to do as well :P)

Photography skills are definitely a add on. Again this one is something I am trying to improve upon. But photographs are a very important part of the blog so these have to be excellent.

Other awesome bloggers

It is difficult to list only a few bloggers, but below are some of the awesome ones I have come across.

Annie from Creations by Annie

Debra from Crafted by Debra

Suchi from Suchi's CardStock 

Pauline from Crafting with Cotnob

Thank you for visiting and have a lovely day ahead.