Sunday, 22 February 2015

The Begining....

I have been thinking about putting a blog from ages but never actually did. I kept blaming on my working schedule, family responsibilities etc, but now I thought I should do things which I keep dreaming of, so started with first dream of writing a blog!

I have a good job, loving family and definitely a life to be thankful of, but I have so many problems as well. I will always be concerned of so many things................
Am I not giving enough time for my family?
Am I spending too much time in office?
Am I a good mother?
Am I performing good in office?
Should I be more aggressive for my career growth?
I want to pursue my hobbies but where is the time!
and many more.....................

God, I go mad with all these questions!!!!!!!!!!
And I also realize there are many more women who go through the same thing. There are days my mind will be occupied with all these thoughts. Sometimes I am depressed with these things. I feel like I am not giving enough to my family, I am not doing enough for my career, I don't have time for myself.....never ending :(

Finally I asked myself "Am I being too tough on myself?" and really felt "YES".

So started counting all the good things I have
I have a very supporting family. They always respect my decision to give priority to office work.
I have a good job and I have achieved well in my career, much more than most of the people.
I have good health and can do so many things
I have enough money by which I can buy anything I like

And you know what, all these thoughts makes me feel good :). I realized I am doing so good but making my life bad just by thinking over things too much.
So decided to keep some worries at bay and enjoy the life I have.

Still I have a long way to go over this but at least I have started :)