Thursday, 27 August 2015

Rock-a-bye baby

Past few weeks is really hectic, really struggling to get some time for crafts. But I was determined to make an entry in the Lulupu challenge. I had the specific idea in the mind for the challenge but unfortunately I had to rush through the craft.

So here it goes ......the cradle I have made from the ice cream sticks and the baby using quilling. I know I need to improve more my 3D quilling skills.

For the background I have used acrylic color and made colored circles using a bottle cap. As you must be able to make out the flowers are made using crepe paper and added few white ones as well.

The black and gold border is made of quilling strips.

While writing this I realize I should have taken few closer snaps of the cradle with the baby, but did not :(. Will update the photo maybe some other time.

This one is for following challenges:

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


One more card from my end. This time it is for a lovely friend of mine. She wanted to give it to someone and has specific details in the mind. She definitely wanted the card to be in pink and flowers too. So made this one for her.

 The chrysanthemum flower is made using water color spray. I had the stencil of the flower.

Added quilled roses and highlighted the flower with the pearl circle. The outer pink part of the card has heart stamped on it.

The card format I have selected from Crafty Sentiments.

I am putting this card for the following challenges: