Saturday, 31 October 2015

Falling for you ......

A quikie from me. Making last minute entry

The leaves are made of foam. Initially I thought I will keep the background blank but it was looking too plain so stamped the background and then added the leaves and sentiment.
I am entering into following challenges.

Stamploration theme and sketch
House of Cards

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Stand up, Be Strong......

There's an awareness campaign going on for domestic violence Hop To Stop and knowing the purpose I cannot stay behind to show the support.


I consider myself very fortunate that I never had to go through domestic violence but I also know others are not so fortunate. There are so many who are silently bearing it all. Standing from out we tend to judge the victims and simply say they should be strong and fight back but little so we realize how difficult it is for the victim to do it with their battered confidence and hope. But I strongly believe that the best way to end is that the person needs to Stand up and Be Strong to say.........No I will not take it any more. This would be possible only when, we, as a community show support to the victim that yes we stand behind them.

Here is my take on this theme.

Just a simple card with a message.


Thursday, 1 October 2015

Stich It Up!

Hey there....I am posting after quite some time. Have very busy days and hardly getting time to craft
:(. So writing a quicky post. Hope you like it :)

I had some leftover cotton cloth so cut out two flower share out of it. Stuffed some cotton in between and stitched the ends. Still it was too plain so added one flower and a broken button in the middle.

Some zoooooom of the flower!!

I mounted this on a card on a twig and wrote the sentiment. Done :). Simple and clean



Thoghts, Life, Express!!!!!!!!!

Another post for today

I have used an old diary and gave it a new look.
Applied a layer of homemade gesso and sprinkled rangoli powder on it. Those not from Indian subcontinent may not be aware of rangoli powder. They are colored powder which is used to make designs at the door steps during festivals or special occasions. There are different forms of design as well. I have many shades of rangoli powder so decided to use it for this project.

This is from WIP. I went for 2 layers of rangoli powder. It gave a beautiful texture, coarse and colorful. I usually mix some glitter powder to my rangoli so it has some sparkle as well

After it dried, I added a frame(from my broken hand mirror. I have another frame from the set will use in some other proj :)), handmade flowers and leaves (made from old magazine paper). Topped flower with some more glitter.

Added some hand written words, which I plan to do i.e. writing in the diary about me, my life, express my thoughts etc. finished off with a foam butterfly. I resisted my self adding glitter to butterfly :)
Some closer look on how the background has come up. You can see the particles of the rangoli powder.

The diary already had a holder strap, so how could I miss not decorating it. Added few pearls over the strap. So this is how it looks.

I am entering this into:
Lessology(It's reading time)--- I have reused the broken frame from hand mirror, flowers are made from old magazine.