Monday, 9 March 2015

Glass Painting

First Attempt at Glass Painting

I am always fascinated by paintings of different kinds. I used to do a lot of painting when I was in school but somehow it got lost after that. I would still browse and see different techniques but never tried. So when I went to the shop and saw the glass painting kit I could not resist to buy it and then yes I had to try it :)

So I started by getting hold of a glass jar which was lying unused and washed it well. I had taken few printouts of the drawing which I wanted to do on the glass but they seemed big for the bottle and as well a little complex to start with so I stuck with the simple design which I got from the kit I had bought.
It seemed so simple just use the glass liner and paint the colours!!!
Well that is not the need a little practice to get the strokes from the glass liner correctly
and neatly. I had to clear some part and redo it again.
If you are good at drawing mehendi, there should not be a problem.

Not a bad effort for start :). I then let it dry for some time. And then it was simple........just put colors in the picture.

This is my finished product. I am planning to do better than this next time.............. 

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