Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Quilled Earring

Quilled Earring

I have been very fascinated by quilling since the time I first came to know about it around 1.5 years back. I tried my hand and found it very simple and interesting. I tried different patterns of flowers using quilling , always searched on net on different varieties we can make. I was somehow restricted to just trying new techniques but did not try to come up with finished product. Finally decided to use my skill to make a set of earring :)
For any one who wants to learn quilling there are so many sites, videos available you can just refer them and understand the process. I will share some of favorites too. 
This I what I made....................
When I started working on it I had a different design in mind. Basically a flower shaped earring. But after I was done with the petals I did not feel like making that shape. I tried some different patterns which I can make with those tear-drop shape

I personally liked the second one but felt was too long for my taste. So went with the first one. So below is the product.
After finishing this I was left with two more tear-shaped petals, since I was planning for a flower shape I had made 5 petals each. So decided to go ahead and make another pair of earrings :)

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