Sunday, 28 June 2015

Greeting Card

I was thinking about making a greeting card for a while was not sure what to make and how to make it! Spent many days just thinking of designs, even collect few things to use in my card. But finally when I sat to make the card below was the output(without making use of the things collected nor what all themes I was pondering upon :))

To get the background I tried many options on my journal, tried to get texture using salt, spray painting and what not but used the most easiest one.

To get the pattern I just used a piece of cotton, water colors and water and TA DA! below is the result.
What I did was, wet the cotton ball using water put a little water color over the cotton and just dabbed it on the paper. Initially I was thinking of sticking to blue and green color but later added a hint of black and red for more effect. I was really happy with the end result. Did not take the work in progress pictures but would definitely like to share few tips.

  • As for any water color painting, after the paint dries the paint would be in a little lighter shade that what we see when it is wet, so use the color based on how intense you want it
  • You can see I did not try to mix colors into each other, all the effect is of water. Purposely I made sure that some paper is visible as I chose the paper color for that. If you don't want the paper to be visible then you need to dab the cotton accordingly.

A closer look.......

Once I was done I simply put few pictures to give it a feel of ocean and finished it with the wishes. (Did not take close ups :( )

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