Friday, 31 July 2015

Greeting Card

Another greeting card, I am totally hooked onto them now a days. Left, right, center I am thinking of cards and end up making them. Also learning a lot of different process while making them. I am looking at so many blogs and learning so many new things.
One of such blog I came across is Damsel of Distressed Cards and I was so amazed with her blog.
I came across this mood board concept for the first time and I was game for it. So here's my take on the Becca's mood board challenge.
I have used dry brush strokes to color the paper then I have cut out circles of different size.

My son was also trying the same :)

Making some arrangements on the card

 After I pasted the circles, I used a homemade embossing paste to layout the dots on the other half of the paper. I created the stencil myself. I had a plastic sheet, not too hard not too soft. Punched out holes in it using a punching machine and my stencil was ready. I had plans to add few ornaments to it, but at last decided against it. Just ended the card with a handwritten message....

Becca's Mood Board


  1. Oh, I just loved seeing the process of this card unfold. The dry brushed paper circles are such a geniusly cool element! So many polka dots and that hand-written sentiment rocks! I smiled when I saw the photo of your son participating in the artistic process, too. I'm so glad you stumbled on my blog! Thank you SOOOOOOOO much for helping to celebrate my birthday in such a meaningful way!